Simply Lovely by Nicola Kelly is a cookbook filled with delicious recipes designed for both the competent cook and for those who are looking for a simple yet impressive meal with easy to follow directions. Over the years, these recipes have found a way into my heart and as favorites for my family and friends.

Frequently people ask me what the theme of my cook book is. What type of cuisine is it? Does it only have recipes for entertaining? Do I need to know how to cook well? My answer is that my book holds recipes for various types of cuisines for both entertaining and everyday meals. They can be complicated or very simple but, above all, they are delicious and impressive. I suppose you can say it is a combination of my greatest hits, to date! My aim is to provide spectacular and reliable recipes where you are confident of the results and you are proud of what you have made.

Beyond my cookbook, I intend to publish a further wealth of recipes for your enjoyment and have different categories of diets such as gluten free, paleo, high fat low carb, vegetarian or vegan.

Publishing this blog enables me to share with you all of the recipes I have created in my kitchen and for them to be enjoyed whatever the occasion. I welcome you to browse through the my blog posts to entice you to try your next meal.